Welcome to Online Mixing UK

Whether you are a professional band looking to get that all important single mixed or you are a home recording enthusiast who just want to take your mixes to the next level, Online Mixing UK is for you!

We realise, more than anyone, that your mix is a personal statement and is very close to your heart. It is therefore important that you make the right choice of who to use for your mixing needs. That's why, we offer a FREE preliminary mix of one song, just so you can see that your mix will head in the right direction for you.

Whether you are UK based or you are based overseas online mixing will bring the features of a modern, professional studio right to your door. In this age of technology and the internet, fast file transfer is possible via FTP, a medium to send large files over the internet. Alternatively, mix files can be sent to us on CD, DVD, Portastudio cassettes or ADAT tapes.

The Online Mixing Procedure

Simply contact us via our contact page stating your project requirements, your pricing level (see our pricing page for details) and how you would like to get the files to us, i.e, via FTP or post. We will then create an FTP account for you on our server (whether you requested to send via FTP or not as We will post mix files on there for you to download) and give you further details of the next steps. We will then commence on your free preliminary mix and post on the FTP server for you to download and audition. This will not be a finished mix but the first stage, just for you to see if it is heading the way you want. If you are not happy in any way we will stop there without you paying a penny. If you are happy with what you are hearing then we will request the appropriate payment from you as per your chosen pricing plan and we will then proceed with the mixing and post mixes for you to check our progress.