Online Mixing Service FAQ

Whether you are a professional band looking to get that all important single mixed or you are a home recording enthusiast who just want to take your mixes to the next level, Online Mixing UK is for you!

What is the turn around time for a mix?

We will endeavour to get your mix done as quickly as possible but, inevitably, we will have other mixing work as well as normal studio work so we cannot guarantee a turnaround time. however, when you contact us with your mix details we will give you a best guess turnaround depending on the work already in hand.

What filetypes will you accept for the tracks to be mixed?

We well accept most of the normal DAW filetypes including .aif, .wav, .sd11. We will also accept MP3 files for mixing to save upload time if you wish but please be aware that these are of a lower quality than the raw files.

How do you ensure our audio files are in sync with each other?

The best thing here is to make sure all the audio you send has the same start point. We all know that when using DAW's files seem to end up in little bits everywhere. Therefore please makes sure that you create audio "Stems" of equal length, or at least, with the same starting point. That way we can import into our DAW and the tracks will line up. If you want more information on this then contact us via the contact form

Do you accept all bit rates and sample frequencies, i.e 24bit 96khz.?

yes we do but please remember these are VERY big files so it would be better to send them rather than FTP!

Can we send you a rough mix for you to listen to?

Yes you can, in fact, this is a great idea especially if you have any ideas you want to get across.

Will you allow us to attend the mixing session?

Yes, you can attend the session if you want to but it does rather do away with the idea of Online Mixing :0).

I'm new to FTP. what is it and what do we need to transfer files to and from your server?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is merely a method used on the internet to easily transfer large files. You don't need to know the intricacies of it to be able to use it. Basically you need an FTP Client. If you don't have one any commercially available client can be used, or for s really superb free one, download Filezilla. It does everything required, is easy to use and set up and, yes, it's totally free!!

How do we set up the ftp client software

Basically, when you apply for an account we will supply you with the login details required for you to enter into your client together with some setup notes. It should be a fairly simple task to set up and start transfering files.